The Goddesses of Bellydance: vol. 237

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Happy Sunday dear friends! Let us once again close out the weekend palace-style, that is, with a selection of performances by dancers from all over the world. Joining us today are: Anastasia Farida (a.k.a. "Farida AIn")(Russia); Vlada Yanyuk (Ukraine); Syrena Nikole (U.S.A.); *Esmerelda Colabone (Brazil); Julia Yakovyuk (Ukraine); Deborah von Jakitsch (Brazil); Angelina Sudakova (Russia); Janelle Issis (U.S.A.); Olesya Pisarenko (Russia); Marina Sharipova (Russia); Anna Pataridze (Georgia); Sabriye Tekbilek (Sweden); Renka Aqamuradova (a.k.a. "Renka Black Angel")(Azerbaijan); Farah Haraf (Tunisia/England); Dilek Turan (Turkey); *Leila Isaac (England); Olga Batsun (Ukraine); Talita Vital (Brazil); Rose Karimova (Russia); Jamila (Singapore); Ekaterina Patoka (Ukraine); and Lauren Cek (U.S.A.). Enjoy!

Music: "Dub Yalil" by Natacha Atlas

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